Monday, October 27, 2008

Walker Funny

I am going to try and retell this as verbatum as possible. I am glad I wasn't eating because I think I would have choked. We were leaving Shoe Carnival and all the sudden from the backseat Walker started up...

"Dear Dod, Sanks go much for Big B's Halloween Party. Daddy was Superman, Mommy was a Towboy, Pappy was a towboy, mimi was a Titty. Sank you for all my friends, sank you for food. Sank you Jeedus. Thank you friends. Dod our Father"

I asked him where he learned to pray like that. It was quite loud and over the top, much like a Charismatic preacher. LOL. Atleast he is learning to pray.

"At Stool"


aunt b said...

cutest thing i have ever heard aunt b

JMom said...

I love kid quotes!!! Your boys are precious!

Anonymous said...

The Lord works in MYSTERIOUS ways!
God bless him!